Time flies so fast

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

News bits

I like listening to news. I listen to AM radio when I drive just to keep myself updated on the current events since I couldn't always have time to watch the daily news shows. I am still on my way home by then.

It gets frustrating sometimes that news are not that interesting anymore. Or at least I have hoped to listen more to something positive and some good developments about our country. Sadly, it's not always the case.

These days, here's what's up:

  • Senator Bong Revilla was mad on Hayden Kho for all his private videos out in the public and still spreading like wildfire. He recommended Kho's medical license to be revoked.

My comment: Please! Although I am totally against the public display of private videos, I would at lest want my senators to focus on more important stuff. Else, we don't need smart senators if they are just to comment on these petty showbiz news. And Please! As what the Bible says, 'He who has no sin can throw the first stone'. Enough said.

  • A female Congressman (didn't catch her name) and Senator Bong Revilla being mad against Alec Baldwin for his comment on Filipina mail-order bride in the show with David Letterman.

My comment: Again, there are much more important things that our government officials can focus on. I'd rather they spend time looking and solving the fact that there is indeed a growing number of mail-order brides from our country instead of plainly asking an actor to retract his statement and apologize. Yes, it is offending but reality bites you know.

  • Ms. Dionisia doesn't want to be an actress anymore but will still welcome endorsements.

My comment: Hilarious! I do like her though for being real. Maybe she also has the charm similar to his super rich and super famous son! That's why she's now called Pacmom! Haha!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Depressing weather

If it is just an ordinary day, I would have enjoyed the cool weather with a bowl of arroz caldo. It would have been a full day of just sleeping, eating and sleeping again.

However, this time is when I want the sun to shine! Tomorrow is our scheduled trip to Fontana Leisure Park - yet another outing with our closest friends. Our bags are not yet packed but I did some grocery shopping already for half of the food that we intend to bring. Yes, we plan to pig out! We rented a 3-bedroom villa and I'm very much excited to swim at the water theme park which I know the kids (especially Sophia) will surely enjoy. But sigh, Typhoon Emong is hitting Northern Luzon.

When I read what Fontana Leisure Park has to offer, it says this...

A place where one can play or go fishing and boating in lagoons with fountains and waterfalls, or simply stroll amidst manicures lawns, herbs and flower gardens, and acres of age-old trees. A place where one can enjoy country club amenities, such as, basketball and tennis court, restaurants, souvenir shop, spa, salons, gameroom and even a grand water theme park with a lazy river, a wave pool that stimulates the sea, a Buccaneer pirate ship with slides, a water factory, Olympic size pool and the thrilling challenge of a casino.

So you see, it's very enticing but the weather may restrict us from making use of the facilities available.

I just pray that there will be at least 1-3 hours of sunshine either tomorrow or Saturday morning for us to enjoy the water theme park. For the rest of the time, we can sleep, eat, watch dvds and sleep again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My lash discovery

These past few days, I have been itching to spend, even for petty stuff. I have been wanting to buy a new mascara since I misplaced my Lancome (which is almost empty anyways). I heard Maybelline is good. Few years back, I used to have the Lash Discovery. I frankly don't want to spend much since mascaras usually have a short lifespan (they say around 3 months). Besides, I naturally have long lashes although I actually felt it became shorter due to frequent curling. I frankly envy my daughter Sophia. She has wonderful eyelashes! Long and curly! Very lucky girl, 'mana sa nanay' :)
Yesterday, I just went straight to Watsons and got this. I never even tried scouting for other brands as I normally do.

I like what it did to my lashes today, of course equipped with my ever reliable Shu Uemura curler.Finally, my lashes are back!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm loving these bags

I am not a fan of Coach (I don't own one in fact). But saw the new collection and I was instantly thrilled with the colorful prints. I'm loving these....

I like a big bag like this to carry all my stuff (especially when you travel with kids).. But at price tag of USD 1,000 it's worth thinking twice. Maybe an LV or Gucci can already fit the bill.

This one looks refreshing and cute! Good for summer/spring. But sigh, summer ended too early I guess.

I can envision this one looks good in jeans and a plain white top...

Of course, the classic can not be forgotten but I like this as it is lighter in tone...

I am not saying I'm gonna buy them :( I'm saving moolah for something else. Unless my dear friend Anne can find this at outlet price. Haha, cheapskate!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The news all over town

I have been quite inactive in blogging. There are much to say and update with too little time - also since I have been busy with my new job.
The news about the death of Ted Failon's wife is currently a hype. It's all over the place- TV, radio and internet. It is quite puzzling indeed. The first time I heard the news, I was already quite doubtful about the involvement of Ted considering the tampering of the crime scene. Who in their right mind will actually consider cleaning the blood stains first over being at the hospital and overseeing the situation of the victim. As days passed, it became even chaotic. Paraffin tests showed negative result for Ted and his wife. The wife is left handed but the police said the gun shot came from the right side.
I somehow feel that PNP has been quite exaggerated in dealing with this issue. On the other hand, they might also just be doing their job.
Then again it might have been indeed a suicide but the situation got so complicated because family and household members were not in the situation to rightfully think what should have (or have not) been done. At the end of the day, I pity the children and the family who was left behind. If it was indeed suicide, Trina Etong have just gave her family a bigger burden to carry - more than the pain of losing her. Let's pray for her soul and peace for her family. I hope the case will be solved soon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And our baby's gender is...

...a boy!!!

Che and I doesn't have any gender preference. I thought it will be nice to have another girl to make use of Sophia's tons of clothes. On the other hand, Che and I was quite worried that Sean is surrounded by all girls - Sophia, our 3 yr old niece Sachi, and of course the yayas so having a younger brother to play with will be nice.

I had an unplanned ultrasound. Since this is my second pregnancy, I am not too keen on having ultrasounds unlike my first. Sort of 'been there, done that'. We also doesn't have any gender preference so I am not that giddy excited. However, my OB suggested an ultrasound to check whether I had enough amniotic fluid since I reported some occassional discharge the past few days. It was so far ok.

However, we discovered something unusual during the ultrasound. There was this rounded fluid (hole-like) in our baby's brain. Later on, the OB-Sonologist reported it to be something called Choroid Plexus Cyst. We instantly got worried. The doctor suggested another ultrasound or congenital anomaly scan in the next 6 weeks. I did my research last night and found this....
The second trimester ultrasound examination (sonogram) will sometimes identify a cyst or cysts in the choroid plexus. The choroid plexus is a tissue in the brain that produces cerebrospinal fluid. Fluid-filled cysts, called choroid plexus cysts or CPCs, are identified by ultrasound in approximately 1-2% of all pregnancies scanned between 16 and 24 weeks gestation. In the majority of cases, CPCs disappear by the 28th week of pregnancy with no effect on the baby. However, a fetal CPC is considered a “marker”, indicating that the baby may have an increased risk for a chromosome abnormality. When observed as an isolated ultrasound finding in women under 35 years of age, the risk for trisomy 18 is increased, but remains low (less than 1%). The risk is higher for women age 35 or older. Additional abnormal ultrasound findings significantly increase the risk for trisomy 18 .

Trisomy 18 is a chromosome abnormality resulting from an extra copy of chromosome #18, thus three copies instead of two. Chromosomes are the inherited structures in the cells of the body. There should be 46 chromosomes in each cell, arranged into 23 pairs. Chromosome abnormalities involving an entire missing or extra chromosome are not inherited and are not caused by an exposure during pregnancy. Instead, they are caused by random mistakes in cell division at the time of conception and can occur in anyone’s pregnancy. Infants with trisomy 18 have severe mental retardation and multiple birth defects. Many pregnancies with trisomy 18 result in a miscarriage or infant death, although a small percentage can live for several years.

When a CPC is identified un ultrasound, there is the option for additional testing. Detailed ultrasound, to look for both major birth defects and minor findings associated with trisomy 18, may be recommended, depending upon the amount of detail that was obtained during previous ultrasounds. Amniocentesis, to test for chromosome abnormalities in the baby, is also an option.

It is important to remember that isolated CPCs are usually normal variants that have no negative effect on the baby.
We are worried but we are also hopeful that this is an isolated case since everything seems normal. We know that with enough prayers, the cyst will go away. Please pray for our baby.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A new job and a new cam

I got myself two new things last week.

First, a new job. Quite unexpected. Challenging. Che has enlightened me a lot in making a choice. I have been blessed to be given another promotion. It's amazing that God's blessing never stopped. In fact, it is so far overwhelming. Lord, thank you and may you guide me in succeeding in this new role.

Second, I have finally made a good excuse of buying a camera - that I deserve to reward myself. Hahaha. It's always such a good excuse, right?! I got myself my very own dslr! I've made a lot of research, asked friends, read reviews etc. I chose Nikon D60 since I am new at this. I don't want to spend P50k+ worth of camera for something I have no clue about yet. So far, it is too technical for me but I know in time, I will learn. I am really excited in exploring my cam and it can be quite frustrating when I already want to already capture beautiful photos. Talking about a girl already becoming impatient. Haha. I hope it's weekend again so I can use the cam outdoors!